Why Therapy?

When life gets complicated and isn’t working like you dreamed it would, therapy can help.

It’s hard to sort out exactly what the problem is on your own. All you know is that your relationships aren’t working, and you’re not happy.

It’s the “same old, same old” every day, and you know that you must do something. But “What?” you ask yourself. You’ve tried everything that you can think of, but nothing changes.

Therapy can help put things into perspective. You begin to see exactly what relationship patterns are keeping you from making things better.

It’s always seemed that if your partner would just be different, then you could be different. Communication would be better. There would be more intimacy, more sex, and more fun.

And yet, you can’t seem to change your partner. You’ve tried – for several years now. Nothing changes! But, you can change yourself – and, interestingly, life begins to get better.

How Therapy Helps

Therapy helps to identify those things that CAN be changed. It’s a process of trying new things. Thinking differently. Changing your own patterns. Learning to have more balance in life. Having more fun and laughter. This can take some time and energy, but it’s worth it!

The first step is figuring out what doesn’t work. Second is learning what the possibilities for change are. And lastly, it’s implementing those changes.

Sometimes that is difficult to face. However, over time, you will be freer, feel more energized, and have deeper relationships. A sense of peace and fulfillment. Ahh! I know that feeling. Can you imagine it for yourself?

About Me

My Training and Style

My style is easy-going and interactive. I use humor whenever I can. Laughing is good! I will always tell you what I think. No boring nodding of the head and looking pensive.

Sometimes I suggest “homework,” but whether you do it is up to you. If you are a perfectionist, I will tell you up front that you can’t get an “A” in therapy – it’s simply a process. Doing the best you can is all it takes!

My training is in Family Systems which is a way of saying that I’m always thinking about where we come from and how that impacts us today.

Mindfulness is a part of my own daily practice, so it is often a part of my work with others. One of my special interests is how brain functioning affects stress, anxiety and depression – and what we can do to help. Teaching ways to communicate with your loved ones so that the other person can actually hear what you mean without getting defensive is another way I can help.

Some Personal Details

After spending over 10 years as a Training & Development/Marketing executive, I knew that wasn’t the life I wanted. And yet, my experience taught me some very useful skills – an ability to see the big picture, to connect with all kinds of people, and to listen carefully to what’s between the lines.

My own therapy was a life-changing experience. I wanted to do that for others. It is my passion to help others become their best selves. Being a therapist was the perfect answer!

After getting a master’s in Social Work, I paid for excellent supervision to get licensed, so I could be the best therapist possible.

For over 20 years, I have been in private practice. I was married for over 30 years and have 3 grown daughters and 7 grandchildren. That amounts to a lot of life lived – lots of ups and downs – so I know what it’s like.

Living a balanced life is important to my own growth – incorporating spiritual growth, fun, work, friends and family. My hobby is painting – and no, I won’t ask you to draw or paint pictures! Reading is my guilty pleasure, and my taste is eclectic – but I never read romances!

It a sacred honor to walk with people on a part of their life’s journey. It’s the best job I know!