Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

501 Church Street, Suite 206

Vienna, VA 22180

I’m also convenient to Reston, Falls Church, Great Falls and McLean.

You never have to worry about parking – there is always plenty of space. My office is handicap accessible.

Can I use my insurance?

Yes, and no!

I don’t usually deal with insurance companies. I’m considered an out-of-network provider.

Insurance companies often restrict the number of sessions allowed that may not be in your best interest. They also can request confidential information that becomes part of your permanent record. Insurance companies want a mental health diagnosis that many of my clients don’t have.

If your plan is a PPO and/or you can go out of network, most insurance companies will pay something for my services. This, of course, depends on the plan and the out-of-network deductible. I can provide you with a receipt that has all the necessary information if you want to file yourself for insurance reimbursement. If you feel that you must use an in-network provider, I am happy to provide referrals.

How do I pay?

I take cash, checks, and credit cards. I also take payment through Health Savings Plan credit cards. Payment is due at each session.

How long are the sessions?

Sessions last between 50-60 minutes. Couples and family therapy usually need longer sessions, so I offer an 80- to 90-minute session, if desired.

What is your cancellation policy?

I reserve the time for you and hope that you will do everything you can to be present at the time we’ve set.

If it becomes necessary to cancel, I require a 24-hour notice or you will be charged full fee for the missed appointment. I know that life happens to everyone, so I try to be reasonable on a case-by-case basis.

How long will it take to feel better?

Usually, there is an immediate sense of relief at the first session. Just starting the process and talking about your situation helps you to feel better right away.

Your situation is unique, so it’s hard to determine how long counseling will last until we meet. A lot depends on what kind of problems there are, how complicated, and the level of intensity. We can talk together about your situation, and financial concerns, to determine what is best for you.

I like to schedule a new client every week for 4-6 weeks, so we get to know each other and to gain the momentum that is so important at the beginning of therapy.

Are you LGBTQ friendly?


Over the years I’ve had lots of experience in working with LGBTQ groups and clients. I am a firm believer in social justice for all.

What can I expect at the first session?

You will find a comfortable and private place where you can be completely candid without worry of being judged. Together, we will determine what it is that you would like to get out of therapy. Sometimes, it’s just to feel better!

There will be a form to fill out and some information about how I work. FeeI free to ask any questions you might have about me or therapy. Wherever you are – that’s where we’ll begin! Therapy is a journey.

I normally don’t take notes in sessions. I like to be fully present rather than taking notes. Sometimes, in the first session only, I do take a few basic notes about your history and what you want to accomplish.

How will therapy affect my security clearance?

Being in the Washington, DC, area, many people have security clearances. I have talked with security investigators many times. What you say to me is confidential! Investigators are only allowed to ask if you are a danger to yourself or others and what the prognosis is.

Coming to therapy does not impact your security clearance. For me to talk to an investigator (or anyone else for that matter), you must sign a release form giving me permission.

What are you like?

My clients say that I’m warm, friendly, playful, knowledgeable, and thoughtful.

My friends say that I’m out-going, playful, wise, kind, and smart.

My daughters say I’m feisty, strong, wise, empathetic, and clueless, sometimes. (I don’t agree with the clueless part – I’m just easy-going, sometimes!)

My grandchildren say I like to play and always have treats for them. They like that I always let them play on their electronics.

Will you think I’m crazy?

Nope! Not in any way!

We all have problems in life. Problems and difficulties don’t make us crazy. They are simply a product of the human condition.

I believe that we’re all somewhere on the continuum of all issues – depression, anxiety, relationship problems, parenting issues, etc. None of us escapes! What is “normal” anyway? I’ve never seen any description that makes any sense!

Are you an author?

Indeed, I am! I have co-written a workbook for those who are interested in discovering where you come from and how you came to be the way you are. It’s a family systems thing! A workbook for creating a family genogram – similar to genealogy but with expanded emotional patterns that affect how you function in the family and in the world. Check it out at Amazon – A Family Genogram Workbook.

Do you offer snacks and drinks?

Not really! I can always offer you water and an occasional mint, but feel free to bring your own drinks and snacks. Tissues are free!