Life Coaching

Life Coaching or Therapy??

What’s the difference?

Therapy and life coaching share certain traits and goals. Both work to enable you to make positive changes in your life and become more productive. Although there is some over-lap, there are differences!

Life coaching focuses on identifying current problems and behaviors that need modifying to reach your goals. “Why” is less important than “how.” It’s about results and actions – measurable goals with specific outcomes. These goals can be either personal or business-related.

Therapy helps you to understand the “whys” – both conscious and unconscious. It can help you work through trauma, depression, anxiety and loss. Family dynamics may be discussed and patterns that don’t work can be identified and changed. A deeper understanding of things that aren’t working is explored.

How will I know that Life Coaching is for me?

For the most part, you are successful and mentally healthy. Life is generally good. But you’re a little stuck in some area of your life. You have an idea about the direction you want to take, but you can’t quite get there. Your goals have stalled. “Fake it til you make it” has been your motto but that isn’t working any more.

Therapy seems like a more drastic step than you want to take, but you need help!

Being stuck isn’t fun!

There’s a project you’ve been working on, but it’s stalled. You can’t take the next step. Procrastination has swamped you – too many distractions!

Perhaps you haven’t reached the career goal that you want. You are stuck where you are with no place to go. The next steps aren’t clear to you.

Communication skills at work or in relationships are elusive and not working. You’re not sure what the problem is, but you do know that it’s holding you back.

Your boss is your nemesis. Working with her is problematic, but you have to figure out a way. Your job is at stake.

You are a boss yourself but have trouble being clear and directive. Work isn’t getting done the way you’d like. It’s hard to “draw lines in the dirt” and stick to your decisions.

Parenting issues are getting the best of you! You love those kids but feel crazy and unable to get a handle on loving but firm parenting.

Getting a handle on your finances seems like a confusing morass. You don’t know where to start. But you want financial security.

Your leadership skills aren’t what you want them to be. You’re not even sure what those skills are, but you know you need them!

Getting unstuck to move forward…

The path to getting unstuck is working with me to create a way forward. Regardless of where you are stuck, together we will determine your goals, set a direction, create a system for accountability and move toward attaining your objectives.

As a former corporate executive, I know the inner workings of the corporate world – what it takes to get ahead and smooth the way. Step by step, we’ll learn new ways of getting ahead in your job to reach the goals you’ve always dreamed about.

Anything is possible once you have a path forward. Projects can be completed, job satisfaction is waiting for you, better relationships at work and home are available, difficult people can be handled. Whatever it is, I can help you find the way.

You can get unstuck. A better life is out there waiting for you!

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