Therapy for Men

What happened to the life I imagined?

It’s hard being a man today! There are lots of demands on you. Be a good provider. Excel at your career. Help with the household chores. Spend time with the kids. Be a loving and responsive partner.

And then there is the never-ending home and car maintenance. Who has time for all this and still be able to carve out some much-needed personal time?

What happened to fun and laughter? What happened to those early days of good sex and intimate evenings? An affair is tempting – at least there would be good sex and someone who appreciates you.

It shouldn’t be like this, should it? This wasn’t the plan. This is a far cry from what you imagined at the beginning.

I’ve tried everything but…

You try your best, but it seems it’s never enough. Your partner is hard to read. She wants more attention, but then she doesn’t. It seems like she’s often mad or unhappy, and you don’t know what to do to please her. Communication is difficult. It’s either arguing too much or not talking like “ships passing in the night.” Suggesting ways to “fix” things is met with anger or disappointment.

What’s a man to do?? It’s easier to “lay low” and try not to cause any waves. But that doesn’t seem to work either!

And then there’s corporate life.

Today there is much written about a man needing to express his feelings. Yet you were taught that “real men don’t cry.” The corporate world rewards thinking – not feeling. And solving problems has always been important to you. It’s what gets you ahead in your career, and you’re good at it.

As a professional or a member of the “C Suite,” there are lots of issues that you encounter daily. It’s lonely at the top. There are few people that you can talk to about these issues, and your partner just doesn’t understand.

You are the CEO of your life!

You would be surprised at how many men feel just like you do! Even so, many of my clients were reluctant to reach out for help. Shouldn’t a smart, career man be able to figure things out? That’s what you do at work. Why doesn’t it seem to work in your private life?

Relationships are complicated. They’re much harder to figure out than work issues. It often takes someone who’s more objective – who can step back and see the big picture. See the patterns that get in the way of intimacy, good communication and fulfillment. Then show you patterns that give you the relationship and life you desire.

That’s what I can do! It’s time to take charge and get help figuring out what will work.

Therapy can help!

Therapy can help you figure out some alternatives for changing your relationships. Creating more intimacy, having a more satisfying life, and balancing the demands – wouldn’t that be nice? It’s possible. Seeking counseling says nothing about being less of a man – in fact, it says just the opposite.

I help professional men figure out what patterns don’t work, find new ways of communicating and creating the intimacy you crave. Together, we can find ways of having more balance in life without sacrificing upward career mobility. You can be a better father, a better lover and not lose yourself in the process.

Understanding the corporate world is important.

Having been a corporate executive myself, I understand the issues you have at work. Interestingly, much of what you learn about improving relationships can be applied to the corporate life. The new skills you’ll learn tend to work both places. That seems contradictory, but my clients have often said, “What you have taught me about relationships has really made me more effective at work.”

I have two brothers and a father who were corporate executives as well. So, I know first-hand what it’s like to talk with a man in ways that connect.

During therapy, we might address life balance and managing stress. Of course, it seems hard to avoid effective communication in any challenging situation. Relationship issues such as intimacy/sex, affairs, divorce, or divorce recovery also are topics that arise. If you think you may be experiencing anxiety and depression, those are basic emotions which we can work through.

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