What exactly is trauma?

Yes, it can be a single shocking event – an accident, a rape, a mugging, sexual abuse, a sudden death or a natural disaster. But it can also be recurring experiences that you endured as a child – constantly being told you aren’t enough, neglect, living in a chaotic home, constantly being yelled at, bullying, relationship violence.

A constant shadow or a loud invasion.

Unresolved trauma can be both – invasive or a quiet shadow that you can’t really name. The effects are always with you.

You are edgy and always watching for the “next shoe to drop.”

Anxiety and depression are familiar companions.

You have secret beliefs about yourself that don’t seem to make sense. Logic tells you that you are enough, you are successful, you are lovable – but there’s that little voice inside that says, “No, you’re NOT.” It doesn’t make sense but, yet, there it is, getting in the way of enjoying life.

Sleep is often hard to come by, and your dreams are anxious if not frightening. It’s easy to replay events over and over in your mind. An experience that seems “no big deal” in life can trigger unwanted anxiety and panic. You don’t know why or what to do about it.

Relationships can be difficult for you. Trust is an issue. It’s hard to really be yourself – to relax, to be intimate, to play, to enjoy the company of others.

Somehow, you manage to be productive and function well. Masking your anxiety and other difficulties allows you to get by. But you are rarely, if ever, fully enjoying the life you always wanted.

There is a way!

Healing is possible. Even though you have lived through the “terrible” times, the troublesome residual effects are still there. They can be eased! Learning new strategies for coping are possible through therapy.

I’ve successfully worked with many trauma survivors helping them to have a more fulfilling and joyful life. Together we can learn ways to manage anxiety. To face what’s in the way of living the life you want. To do whatever it takes to get that life.

EMDR is a choice.

One of the most effective trauma therapies is EMDR. You wonder what that is! It has a big name – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing – for a highly respected trauma tool. It can accelerate life changes that traditional talk therapy can take years to accomplish. It works in amazing ways. It’s been researched and vetted by the finest trauma specialists.

How does EMDR work?

It starts by targeting a limiting belief that comes from a life event – a major trauma or a repetitive experience that has altered your sense of being. Some examples are: “I am not safe,” “I am not enough,” “I am stupid,” “I am unlovable.” The brain is “reprogrammed” through back and forth eye movements so that stuck energy is released and a positive belief is implanted.

Anxiety is reduced. Depression can be lifted. What was once an impossibility can now be a reality. What was holding you back in relationships becomes more manageable. How you once felt about yourself changes to something more realistic and positive. What you were afraid of becomes more trivial. How you see the world and the people in it changes for the better.

It’s permanent! The changes that occur don’t go backward to “before.” It’s a brain thing!

It seems too good to be true!

Sounds like a miracle? Yes, it does. It’s not truly a miracle, but profound changes can occur that seem like a miracle! This has been proven by testing. It has to do with how information gets stuck in certain parts of the brain.

It’s not hypnotism or voodoo! It’s not magic. A major trauma simply becomes “smaller” – having less of an impact. Limiting beliefs simply change into something more positive and life-giving.

It can even help with enhanced performance in speaking to groups, playing music, and writing the novel you’ve always wanted to write.

Together, we will explore what you are experiencing, what you want to happen, and decide if EMDR is an option. I will show you exactly how it works and what to expect beforehand.

Are you ready to change your life and start thriving?

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